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Red, White and Royal blue football scarf

130 USA Soccer Team Piosenki & amp; Piłka nożna Chants

Gra w USA National Teams, USA w piłce nożnej

324 We Watch for the Boys What support is all about - to cheer on your team Listy odtwarzania
2379 USA, USA (fast) Does what it says on the tin Listy odtwarzania
3050 Come on US, Score a Goal A cheer in hopes of a late winner Listy odtwarzania
3423 Freddy Our man Listy odtwarzania
3926 We Are United Estamos Unidos! Sung after the World Cup qualifier in Mexico Listy odtwarzania
4500 Send Him Off Get him off! Listy odtwarzania
5167 The Star Spangled Banner (with music) A great version of America's National anthem... USA! Listy odtwarzania
5197 You're Not Singing over There All quiet on that side Listy odtwarzania
5864 Ooooh USA USA, USA, USA! Listy odtwarzania
5891 Here's to You Landon Donavan Landon Donovan Anthem
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5921 If It Wasn't for the Yanks... Reminder of some history
6561 Everywhere We Go People wanna know! The mighty US... Listy odtwarzania
7862 2-0 This chant is in Spanish - probably sung when we played Mexico... Listy odtwarzania
7954 Woah Oh Oh Woah Oh Sung to the tune of the White Stripes Listy odtwarzania
9660 American Boys We Are Here Woah, woah... Listy odtwarzania
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